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On Monday, 18 November 2013 we welcomed four Estonian students from Tallinn Lasnamäe School of Mechanics. They are going to educate at our school and at the companies nearby as a part of Leonardo da Vinci student mobility programme. They are spending four weeks in Slovenia. 

We did our best in welcoming the Estonian students, we prepared some brochures about Slovenia, helped them with bus transport, introduced them to our students, school system, culture, habits etc… All this to make them feel good in our country. 

Estonian students have most difficulties with getting up in the morning as they come from a different time zone. Their mentor, teacher and leader is Marko Gale. He is very pleased with their knowledge and work that they performed in our workshops. Teachers at practical lessons are pleased with their work as well, but they did not like students coming late to lessons. Now Estonian students do their work placement at companies A Cosmos and Autocommerce. Estonian students get on very well with each other and they help each other selflessly.

Marko Gale:
“I am the teacher who welcomed them. Estonian students are livelier than Finnish students. They brought a lot of knowledge with them and I am excited about their work. But they are not used to be punctual, they are usually very late.  Four of our students are doing their work placements in Estonia.”

Estonian students:
»We like Slovenia very much because it is different from Estonia. We like the city centre. In our free time we walk the streets of Ljubljana and we are trying to get used to your language and food. We often walk in the town with our friends in Estonia too. We like your school very much. It is different from ours, bigger and the workshops are better equipped.”

Matic Šebjan Ogrizek, 2. O

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